The Bible is all about ME…ME…ME!!!

I was looking through some of the links I’ve saved from the past and came across this one.  The Bible for the self-focused person; this just what the church needs, more narcissistic people. Here’s what the website says: Your  Personalized Bible puts your name in the Bible more than 7,000 times! Expect a life-transforming impact as you read … More The Bible is all about ME…ME…ME!!!

Machen on controversy

There are many people in evangelicalism who would disagree with many of my posts because they are not positive encouraging K-Love type messages.  “I want to be known for what I’m for, not what I’m against,” seems to be the motto of the day.  I think this view is incredibly naive, it also self-defeating because … More Machen on controversy

“Birthing” a vision

In a recent Christian Post article published on August 9, 2013 “Bill Hybels: Leadership Takes Courage to Carry Out God’s Big Visions,” features quotations of Hybels  speaking at The Global Leadership Summit.  Let’s examine some of his statements . “Every significant vision that God births in you is going to put your courage to the test … More “Birthing” a vision