Building the church God’s way, the temple of God, and all things are yours.

In the previous lesson in 1 Corinthians we began to examine Paul’s analogy of the church being a building, and that the apostle laid the True Foundation, Jesus Christ.  He then warns them to be careful of how they build.  In this section we are going to see the rewards and responsibilities of Christians, particularly those who teach in the church.  When you come to God’s plan for building the church; there is a building code.  There will be an inspection, so the Bible declares be careful how you build.  There are many who are attempting to build upon the foundation, with inferior.  The church is a spiritual building, the result of different workers building, some with precious materials and some bringing the worthless materials, but at the end of this age, Jesus Christ will inspect the work of each builder.

Old pillars of the Temple of Apollo, Corinth, Greece.

Link to lesson on 1 Corinthians 3:12-23.


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