The first fruits of the resurrection, the kingdom of God, and made alive in Christ

This is the second in a series of lessons I taught in Adult Sunday on 1 Corinthians chapter 15.  Paul begins by using the analogy of the first fruits to teach us further about how Christ fulfilled this in His resurrection, with the purpose that we to should be confident about our own future resurrection of our bodies.

The image of the first fruits is taken from Leviticus 23 during the feast of unleavened bread.  The farmer would take a small sheaf of grain, the first ripe grain, and take it to the temple.  The priests would wave the sheaf before the Lord, thus the act was a pledge or a guarantee from the Lord of further harvest of grain to come.  The resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ is the guarantee of the future resurrection of believers in the age to come.

Here is the audio from the lesson




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