The Bible is all about ME…ME…ME!!!

I was looking through some of the links I’ve saved from the past and came across this one.  The Bible for the self-focused person; this just what the church needs, more narcissistic people. Here’s what the website says: Your  Personalized Bible puts your name in the Bible more than 7,000 times! Expect a life-transforming impact as you read … More The Bible is all about ME…ME…ME!!!

Machen on controversy

There are many people in evangelicalism who would disagree with many of my posts because they are not positive encouraging K-Love type messages.  “I want to be known for what I’m for, not what I’m against,” seems to be the motto of the day.  I think this view is incredibly naive, it also self-defeating because … More Machen on controversy

Psalm 36: “Human wickedness and Divine Goodness”

The book of Psalms may be summarized like this: “As the Creator of all things, God exercises sovereign authority over the natural order, the nations, and Israel, His unique people.  In His role as universal King God assures order and justice in the world and among His people, often by exhibiting His power as an … More Psalm 36: “Human wickedness and Divine Goodness”